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Pet Memorials

Here at Brent Rocks we know that the loss of a pet is a sad time in one's life. Often times, they are regarded as more of a family member or beloved friend rather than just a pet. We keep this in mind when working with you to provide you with a beautiful reminder of your friend. You can customize your memorial in any way to capture the memory of your beloved pet. These rocks are available in different sizes ranging from 5"-12".

Prices ranging from $35-$85



Cemetery Markers

We know that the loss of a loved is a tragic event in one's life. So we, here at Brent Rocks, keep that in mind when working with you to create a beautiful lasting Memorial Stone for your loved one. These include a number of different styles that can be placed on any type of stone that we offer.

Our cemetery markers are a beautiful alternative to, and less expensive than, the traditional headstone. These Cemetery Markers are a new spin on and old fashion thing, they give you that rustic look that so many people are looking for now days.

Prices starting at $200



Memorial Stones

Our Memorial Stones are a great way to remember your loved ones. They can be placed anywhere you would like them. We have had people that have brought them up to a favorite hunting or fishing spot. Also people have placed them by trees that they have planted in memory. These are really a go anywhere Memorial Rock.

Prices starting at $35



Wedding Gifts

Our fully customizable stones make the perfect Wedding Gifts. They come in any size and on any kind of stone that we offer. They can be placed anywhere in the home or even out in the yard as a landscaping decoration. These are a one-of-a-kind product that will be loved by all who receive them, and you can be sure that nobody else will be giving them one either.

Prices starting at $35



Landscaping Stones

These are generally larger rocks and can be done on site or delivered. Our landscaping stones typically include a last name with a decorative design, fire number or an amusing saying that names the property. Also, they are often used by a business for a company sign. These are a real addition to any landscaping design.

Prices starting at $35



Wholesale Rocks

All of our Wholesale Rocks are done on a cut stone with various sandblasted sayings on them. They come in all sizes from 5"-12". We have over 60 different sayings that we place on these rocks from "Garden of Weeden", "What Happens at the Cabin Stays at the Cabin", "Live, Laugh, Love", to "Bring Your Own Booze" and everything in between.

Price: $20