Pet Memorials

At Brent Rocks, we understand how difficult it is to lose a pet. We know that you’ve lost not just an animal but also a special family member and a beloved friend. 

Our team helps you capture the memory of your special friend through a beautiful engraving. This memorial is customizable in any way and is available in different rock sizes.

Cemetery Markers

We work with you in creating a beautiful and lasting gravestone for your loved ones. This includes a number of different engraving styles that can be printed on any of our stones. 

Our cemetery markers are a less expensive alternative to the traditional headstone. We offer a new spin on old fashion design by giving you a rustic look that many people are looking for. 

Memorial Stones

Another great way to remember your loved ones is through a memorial rock. These can be placed anywhere you’d like. It could be by a tree that you’ve planted as a remembrance or at any special hunting or fishing spot of yours. 

Wedding Gifts

We offer fully customizable stones that make the perfect present for any newly-weds. These can also be placed anywhere whether it’s inside their home or out in the yard as landscaping decoration. 

This unique product of ours will be loved by the recipients. Because it’s one of a kind, you can be sure that no one will be giving the same present as you. 

Landscaping Stones

These are generally larger rocks that can be delivered and done on-site. Our landscaping stones typically include the owner’s last name with a decorative design, a fire number, or a saying that describes the property. 

Businesses often use these as a company sign. In general, these stones are a great addition to any landscaping design.